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Woodland Trust Presentation

On 1 Feb 2020 the Swindon U3A hosted a facinating and fact filled talk from the Woodland Trust (Stand Up for Trees). The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest Woodland conservation charity and own 1080 woods and have planted 43 million trees over the last 8 years. Their mission is to create, protect and restore UK woodlands.

Their Presentation Woodland Trust – Stand up for trees was highly informative, take a look for lots of interesting information.

Some of the key points are

The UK has on 13% tree whereas the European average is 37%.

England has 8.9% tree cover, the overall figure is bolstered by Scottish and Welsh conifer forests which are less bio-diverse.

The UK’s Ancient Woodlands (defined as woodland that is more than 400 years old) are down to just 2%,

There are however things we can do to help the Woodland Trust with their mission.

Sign the Woodland Trust Tree Charter .

Join the Woodland Trust (costs £4 per month) and get their woodland guide, newsletter and quarterly magazine.

Support their campaigns.

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