About Us

Transition Swindon on the Transition Towns Network

Our vision is to work with organisations and the community to highlight Swindon’s strengths as a connected, mutually-supportive & resilient community with a healthy, vibrant environment that sustains wildlife and refreshes the human spirit.

Transition offers people a wide range of reasons to get involved, here are five good reasons to get us started;

  1.  get to know your neighbours and feel connected to other people, helping to create a new story about Swindon;
  2. feel like you are making a difference in the world and you are part of something historic and exciting happening around you;
  3. we are stronger working together in our community to find our own solutions to some of the world’s huge challenges (including climate change, social isolation and inequality);
  4. be a catalyst for change taking opportunities through new projects, enterprises and investment opportunities;
  5. Learn and share knowledge and skills, new and old; the people of Swindon are an amazing resource!

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