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Here are some of the ways in which you can protect and help nature thrive in Swindon.

Bee RoadzzA bee road is an area where local communities are working together to link neighboring towns and villages by creating joined-up, pollinator-friendly forage and habitat to support bees and help re-establish their populations.
FAB Flowers & Butterflies FAB’s vision is to turn Swindon into the butterfly capital of Europe by establishing wildflower habitats in urban areas.
Great Western Community Forest A Forest Partnership to increase tree cover to 30% across 140 square miles from Wootton Bassett to Faringdon, the Marlborough Downs and the River Thames. Providing advice, training, grants and volunteer opportunities.
Hedgehog Citizen Science Play a vital role in saving Wiltshire’s hedgehogs, by recording hedgehog sightings and if you see a hedgehog frequently; monitor its behavior and movements. With your help as a citizen scientist, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust can start to build up data on their numbers, create a map to show where their most dense populations can be found and where to best focus our conservation efforts in Wiltshire and Swindon.
Kent Road Wildlife Corridor Neighbors on Kent Road, Swindon collaborating together to make their gardens into a wildlife corridor hoping to inspire other neighborhoods to take the same approach.
Link2NatureWiltshire and Swindon Local Nature Partnership. Delivering conservation projects and initiatives within the Swindon urban limits.
Naturehood Help local wildlife thrive through simple actions and surveys in your garden. Find out more about the species you can support.
Oak & FurrowsOak & Furrows is a Wildlife Rescue Centre near Cricklade.
Palm Oil Free Products The production of palm oil destroys rain-forests and biodiversity. The plight of orangutans has been a key feature of palm oil campaigns, due to 80% of their habitat being destroyed in the last 20 years and the serious risk they face of extinction in our lifetime. This site provide advice to avoid palm oil free products.
Swindon Allotment & Leisure Garden Association Meets monthly at Gorse Hill Community Centre with talks on a variety of subjects, generally with a plant and garden theme. Has its own shop run by volunteers. Holds an annual horticultural show and a schools garden competition. Also runs regular outings and holidays for members.
Swindon and District Beekeepers AssociationWe are a friendly and welcoming group of beekeepers. We range in experience from beginner beekeepers to some members who have been beekeeping for many years. The objective of Swindon and District Beekeepers Association is to encourage and advance beekeeping in the district of Swindon and its environs on the most recent and scientific principles of beekeeping.
Swindon Climate Action Network (SCAN) Swindon Climate Action Network is an independent group of people from across Swindon who are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it.
We aim to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and help people in Swindon to combat it, by encouraging them to reduce their personal carbon emissions and get involved in local and national campaigns.
Swindon Urban MeadowsSwindon Borough Council has teamed up with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) to deliver the three-year programme, the Forest Meadows Project, which will include 12 sites within the borough covering more than 170 hectares.
Tree Planting There are various tree planting and conservation activities taking place across Swindon to get involved with.
TWIGS Community Gardens A colourful and vibrant set of gardens in the heart of Swindon managed by TWIGS as a resource to give people who experience mental health problems the chance to regain confidence, self-esteem and to learn new skills. The gardens provide plenty of different ideas to take home to your own garden, along with plants and craft goods to enhance it.
Wiltshire Wildlife HospitalThe Charity operates a rescue, care, rehabilitation and release service for wildlife, 24 hours a day, in and around Wiltshire. Emergency number 07850778752
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust WBCT is committed to restoring the full length of this historic canal; from Wiltshire through Swindon and into Oxfordshire. The aim is to create a sustainable and bio-diverse blue and green corridor that, as it winds through our region, provides a host of attractive life style and economic benefits to our communities and to visitors, as well as providing a safe and welcoming habitat for wildlife.
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Creating living landscapes across Wiltshire by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wildlife habitats across landscapes for wildlife and people. There a number of Projects you can support.
Woodland TrustThe Woodland Trust are the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. The provide free trees for planting to schools and communities. Help and advice on trees and planting as well as campaigning and volunteer opportunities.
The Presentation Woodland Trust – Stand up for trees presented on 1 Feb 2020 and is highly informative, take a look for lots of interesting information.
Zoo Lab Zoolab amaze, educate and inspire through ethical and engaging hands-on animal encounters. 
They have a national network of ZooLab Rangers, each with their own ‘animal team’ who work closely with early years, schools, businesses and in the care sector to achieve learning outcomes, engage with people in an informative way and to entertain through unique animal handling workshops.

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